The massive earthquake that struck Turkey on Monday, February 6th killed more than 50,000 people. The impact is spread over ten provinces affecting over 15 million people, the majority of which are now homeless or unable to enter their homes, remaining outside in freezing temperatures with little access to food or water. Cellular networks and internet communications are down in many areas, along with electricity and water outages. All basic services including health and roads are seriously damaged.

This earthquake is by far the worst disaster in Turkey for many decades. We face the challenge of both immediate relief and long-term assistance to families affected by the earthquake.

ACEV is mobilizing relief efforts through a multi-year recovery and development strategy in a three-phase operation:

Urgent humanitarian needs like clothing, blankets, heaters, power banks, nappies, hygiene kits, and baby food,

Systematic Basic Services like child friendly spaces, distribution of AÇEV’s early childhood development kits, mobile buses, psychosocial support units, public information and support campaign,

A longer road to recovery through permanent structures and services: The goal is to build and strengthen the systems that children rely on – like healthcare, education, protection – and making those systems address children’s needs. The priority will be to ensure children have access to quality education and early learning, and to support children to stay in school by leveraging our technical expertise from prior disasters. We will also provide mental health and psychosocial support to families to regain a sense of normalcy by setting up physical rehabilitation centers and mental health clinics as we have previously established similar centers in Elazig (2020), Van(2011), and Marmara(1999) earthquakes. Our initial assessments predict a need for a dedicated Child Rehabilitation Center integrating medical and psychosocial needs.

We will concentrate our expertise in program areas where we can make the greatest impact on children and their vulnerable families.

Your donation to AÇEV the Earthquake Relief Fund will provide emergency relief and fuel long-term recovery efforts in the disaster area.

You can support us by donating through a wire transfer or a direct debit order to our bank accounts. We kindly ask you to provide your phone number and e-mail address in the description box for us to be able to reach you.

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